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In the process of returning to the University of Reunion Island as a student,
I'm eager to learn more about computer science and logic programming in particular.

I've worked for small-to-medium enterprises
in the Greater Metropolitan Paris Area for about 10 years,
and today I offer consulting services as
a part-time freelance software developer to earn a living.





Today, up to half of all animal species are at risk of extinction,
At the same time, leading engineers and philosophers are en
visioning a bio- and geo - engineered future where machines
may develop their own forms of consciousness. [...]
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Yes, more of this attitude🔝🙏🏼
And although I'm a fan of Make (.PHONY commands), its arcanes may act as a repellent 😿
Unless @ocramius kindly trades their secrets with us 😅

@DyneOrg folks taught me there is
(among so many wannabe successors)


Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and a second screencast

… in a series entitled Solving issues with tools running in a shell

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💆🏼 Good afternoon ⛅,

I’m happy to share with you a second screencast transcript
in a series now entitled:

Solving issues with tools running in a shell


While writing previous posts,
I intended to keep in mind personas
who'd be showing curiosity with regard to
(in the field of programming and product refinement)
and who would be willing to play a little maybe
with two distinct but nonetheless connected discovery paths about

  • how to use command-lines tools the way
    we'd play with lego™ (or anonymous) bricks or sewing needles 🧱🪡?
    (imagine sewing concrete bricks together, what could go wrong?)
  • how to polish one's existing career (in _tech_)? 💅🏼

So far, anecdotic topics have been picked
merely to refine on-going processes aiming at learning together 🏹
🎯 how to look forward in fast-moving fields of activity
without the need to feel guilty about

  • not having socnet accounts,
  • enough free as in free speech side-projects,
  • knowing what a monad is
    (or whatever infamous orange sites would fancy these days),

…and not to remind us of the appalling impostor syndrome,
for not ever feeling like we'd be doing anything
as nearly perfect enough in the eyes of some otherworldy
all-knowing, close, foreign, imaginary idiot god?
That came out in an oddly specific or vaguely familiar way maybe, didn't it? 🙄😅

Although we could change perceptions a little
by changing definitions starting with
what perfect means to us and collectively i.e.
"what has been achieved, executed or carried out"

See link to a wiktionary definition ^1

It was only yesterday that an article (in french 🇫🇷) authored by Nina Bailly
and shared by Sara Dufour, struck me like lightning ⚡
about how language, its use and word shape our cognitive capabilities:

L'incroyable influence de notre langue sur notre représentation du monde

Could one extend this hypothesis from natural grammars to Backus–Naur forms
and why shall we stop right here ? -
There are musical notations, all sorts of formulas, hieroglyphs, emojis, glyphs beyond pens and touchscreens?

Picking the right tool could be much similar to picking the right words.
I certainly don't mean that we should disguise truths,
only that clarifying what we mean by returning to definitions in good faith
could work well enough sometimes.

Instead of giving ourselves hard times, why should not we choose
to learn together how to strive by maintaining professional work - private life balance?

⚠ I don't have straightforward answers but I very much intend to share past experiences, which could benefit to others 😅🤗

P.S. I can't find anymore a video shared by Henry Story about this same exact topic (and Sapir–Whorf hypothesis) but it doesn't matter as long as we learn together how to pick better mind-body extensions 🚼🐾💡

Few links:
- for subscribing to Sioukam's Lette 📨
- for subscribing to Sioukam's Station 📺
- for subscribing to Sioukam's TikTopk (!) 🎵

And guess what 🤯?
Those are all reversible actions 😊
Thanks, GDPR 📃

^1 About doing perfect things
I don't mind using perfect in a sentence
as long as it is not taken too far
as in "blame culture" land
(there are strangely implemented Service Level Objectives
and Objectives and Keys Results for that
so let's not wander off too much here 😅).

Since Definitions of DONE are out there,
why not having Definitions of PERFECT
(acronym: DOP).

All half-baked jokes aside 🥖,
I intend to make this letter regular
and I'll insist on aiming for a *healthy* conversation 💬🗨⛑

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The future of (web and non-web) development is clearly non-evenly-distributed.


Un article traduisant l'expression de l'arbre cachant une forêt,
quand bien même l'impact perceptible par des parties prenantes sur une prod serait jugé «minime» 😬
Infra, assurance qualité, juridique…
Impossible de tout anticiper. loves contributions!🦉

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🖖🏼 Hello World 🌐,  

Some of you might have wondered
why i've started to be more and more agitated
lately and, all of a sudden 🏃🏼. 

Well, it's most likely because I was prepping myself
to make up to three announcements in a seq
(not to be confused with a sec ⏱😝).

1️⃣ First thing first, these last months,
I've progressively revamped the infrastructure behind a project,
which vision originated with Sylvaine Garderet,

The project avatar at Twitter 🐦 is @revue_2_presse

What is it about?

➡ A short review of press releases published
by official French Media accounts from Twitter,
automatically collected and sorted by popularity
(by considering retweets only).

The ranking is updated in real-time -
and every 15 min or so depending on the laziness of the workers 👷🏼🦿.

As a bonus, there is a calendar 🗓 to browse the news by date

Everyday around midnight ⏰,
counters are stopped and a bot now 🤖 publishes the "most popular" news for the day as it was published. Manual editions even slight ones were too much of a trouble as I'll explain.

Of course, this definition of most popular is quite limited but it does the job just fine
for when you don't want to be buried under a pile of articles.

Now was highlighted above as this is brand new (automated publication).

Before March 2022, Sylvaine took care of the hard work of
publishing the daily sorted results over at Twitter
and also above all of picking the right words™ even when the news were not that awesome, not to say bluntly daunting - we literally had to get rid of sources, which I won't name, in spite of them reflecting something. They were just going too much against our beliefs and principles anyway. So much for the Paradox of Tolerance - Karl Popper was definitely onto something.

Long story short, we recently needed to reduce operational costs 💸 and as we made significant improvements along the way, we've seen our bill being cut in half 🪓
mostly by refactoring software and monitoring all the things along the way.
I know someone, ask me about them 📨😏.

Your visits are welcome, we don't do cookies ❌🍪,
all tracking links are de-obfuscated
before being served from our domain 🔗
and images embedded in HTML docs 🖼
(less round trips to external servers).

We took this opportunity to create an organization
through which we're going to organize future developments
and hopefully figure how to
make the project sustainable.
(Much to unpack so I'll stop right here 😅)

Behold our shiny new org over at!

All contributions are very much appreciated.

We had the pleasure to work with Célestin Courdeau in the past, who did great with the project UX and visual identity.

🔮 We're looking at 

  • tweet curation engine rewrite
    from PHP/Golang/Clojure/JS to Rust/WASM 💚,
  • i18n,
  • accessibility at long last 🤞🏼,
  • data reuse (under strict Twitter API guidelines compliance)

Datasets have been made available in JSON and PNG format ⬇:

This was the first item1️⃣, two more to go.

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😊 Also heard of
and since I don't have much use for those tools and libraries nowadays,
i don't know really how they would compare 🤔


In a good sense, i hope @taniki? 😇
Ernő Rubik would surely be proud 😌

I wouldn't dare stating i did enjoy it much at first
but the data frames made sense *after a while*
and being buffed up by @davinov, @hachichaud and @charlesmigli at @Toucan_Toco


This is me trying to publish a status update from "home" i.e. over to Twitter programmatically. This POSSE ( mechanism has remained broken for so long that i feel kind of late to the party.